Why Buy?

This book will show you how to set up your properties using locations so as to produce a balance sheet per property. By doing this you are able, if your state allows it, to run multiple properties with only one QuickBooks company file. This is a a huge cost savings over the need to use one QuickBooks company per property. Besides saviing money having all properties in one company will save your cleints so much time by not having to open and close files you'll be amazed.

For those of you who manage properties yourself or for others this book is a very simple tutorial on how to use QuickBooks Online efficently to keep track of your properties. We've also discounted multiple copies so each one in your office can have their own to make notes on.  You can purchase a 5 user QuickBooks Online one company for only $39.95 per month, which should be fine for most property owners or small property management firms.   

Thank You,

Clem Dominguez