About Me

When I’m not writing books on how to setup a property management system in QuickBooks Online I’m probably surfing. My name is Clem Dominguez and I live in Southern California. I moved out in 1972 and bought my first income property in 1973 after attending a Real Estate exchange course. 

In 1977 when personal computers came out I wrote a property management system on a Radio Shack computer. I wrote it to keep track of my properties and really never sold it to anyone. Being a computer programmer this was a no brainer for me. Later on a partnered with another person and we developed a Property Management system for a multi-user system for a company called the DataWorks. 

When QuickBooks announced their Development opportunity in 2002 I jumped on it.  Since then I have designed and sold a Property Management System that works with the QuickBooks desktop version called MyProp.  We have about 650 Customer nationwide. It’s a very simple system yet powerful at the same time. I figued out a way to produce a owners cash statement that the owners love, but could never produce a Balance sheet using classes. We also never found a suitable way to have resident manager enter their data in a timely way.

Both of these problems are solved with the QuickBook Online version, that's why I wrote this book. Buy it and you'll see how.


Clem Dominguez

QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor
http://www.myprop.us     clem@qboassistant.com